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Student resource application for West Virginia University.


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When I began my college career at West Virginia University, there wasn’t an official school app, yet (to be fair, it was very early in the mobile app world in 2011). There was an unofficial app, however, called iWVU. iWVU served my friends and I well during our freshman year and it was packed with features. The developer ended up getting a job at Apple, which unfortunately means you cannot have an app on the App Store. And just like that, there was no WVU app available. I had become pretty dependent on the app’s features and was also becoming interested in iOS development. When it came time for my senior design project, I already had my heart set on WVU Mobile.


WVU Mobile pulls together many different resources that WVU makes available including: News and events feeds, PRT status API, bus route details from Mountain Line Transit Authority, detailed map of campus, and more.


  • PRT - Use the PRT widget to check the PRT status without even opening the app! You can also check the PRT status right from WVU Mobile and see the PRT’s hours.
  • Dining - Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for 6 campus dining halls including: Cafe Evansdale, Summit Cafe, Arnold’s Diner, Boreman Bistro, Terrace Room, Hatfields, and access to hours and locations of all 6 dining halls! Also, easy access to Mounty Bounty.
  • News - Get the latest news from WVU Today and the Daily Athenaeum, right in the palm of your hand.
  • Buses - Maps of 17 Mountain Line Bus routes. Includes detailed locations of each stop as well as hours of operation and quick access to the Twitter feed.
  • Map - Detailed map of each of West Virginia University’s Morgantown campuses. Convenient markers for dorms, parking, and class buildings. Quickly search for your destination using the building code (ARM-D) or the full name of a building (Armstrong).
  • Events - Quickly view events taking place on and around campus organized by day. Save your favorites to use later!
  • Help - Useful phone numbers for 12 services on campus and in Morgantown, WV.